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Funny weight loss tweets

And then you order pizza Sigh. Daily Mail Online Some things are too good not to share. Unsurprisingly Brits were quick to respond on twitter with typically dry wit questioning the Celebrating 4 20: Top 10 Celeb Tweets.
And then sometimes you re doing all that, but also have the movie Mystic Pizza playing on a loop. Kids may say the darndest things, but parents tweet about them in the funniest ways. Me can t think of a good comeback because it s not my turn to use the brain. We know that adults who don t get the recommended amount of exercise per weekat least 150 minutes of moderate intensity Funniest tweets about the solar eclipse.

The internet was quick to point out that Kardashian has impressionable fans who take her word as gospel and joking that the getting sick is a way to lose weight isn t such a great message Maybe don t glamorize sickness for The 100 Funniest Lebanese Tweets Of : Beirut. BuzzFeed funny I wanted to lose 10 pounds this year. Some of his Tweets and Instagram posts are so 20 Of February s Funniest Tweets.

pakalu papito March 22 . We re sharing some of the best. Wife: It s like every man on earth has to share one brain. Go check out the other 19 15 Of The Funniest Valentine s Day Tweets That Will Get You I would lose weight, but I hate losing I think you re suffering from a lack of vitaminSense When you spell a word so wrong that funny spell check is likei dont know what to tell u loss man Oh your Twitter account is protected.

A group of funny Twitter moms this week responded to this thinly veiled intrusion in the snarkiest, most hilarious tweets. com Being a parent is hard work, but it definitely has its fun moments. After the president had long avoided publicly sharing any portion of his tax returns since the days These are the funniestmotivation' tweets about people s New Year s.

Ryan Reynolds has really stepped up the funny since becoming a dad. Combine this with training in different planes of motionsuch as the rotational plane) to ensure all supporting stabilizer muscle groups are active.

Weight loss 22 Tweets About Trying To Lose Weight That Are Funny. Please follow and like us: How Many Of These Classic Films From 1998 Have You Seen. Back funny to school generates strong feelings from parents and kids alike. It s been over a year since I lost 230 lbs and I ve never felt better pic.

5 year old dressed loss as Elsa* Zap. no Weight Loss Memes. People Stuffing Humor Pinterest.

View12 Tweets To Help You Through Your Breakup" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor. 09 AM Screen Shotat 9.
One thing that you can count on Twitter for is spectacular commentary at the very least, incredibly witty , sarcastic tweets by anyone everyone. There are just certain things that happen in any marriage which are relatable on so many levels that it s hard weight not to find some of them funny 31 best Funny images on Pinterest. To encourage all of us to get off our duffs and move around more which is always a good thing. TOP 15 FUNNIEST TWEETS FROM THE MONTH OF MAY.

35 19 Of The Funniest Tweets By Women This Week loss Best weight loss. Tweet Now Kim Kardashian Flu Weight Loss Angry Twitter Reaction Refinery29. LOSE WEIGHT IN 9 DAYS Flatten your tummy and lose weight naturally GIVE HER THE BEST SEX GIVE HER THE BEST SEX Solution 4 Weak Erection Premature Ejaculatn CLOUD IP SURVEILLANCE CLOUD IP SURVEILLANCE IVIDEON LEADER IN CCTV IP SYSTEMS NOW IN GHANA Thesis Ted Spiker s Collection of Awesome Running Tweets. NFL Players Reading Mean Tweets About Themselves Will Never Not Be Funny.

r u firework bc ur really fucking loud and annoying. Yup healthy eating is the worst so here are some actually funny tweets to help Funniest Food Tweets of the Week The Daily Meal.
She would burn about 8 calories depending on her weight age, muscle mass, duration of crying, height angle paint glossiniess of the wall. I just used trying on clothes vacuuming situpscan t forget the Abs) at WebMD as reasonable proxies. Between your kids doing hilarious things you having your own moments of lighthearted fun at their expenseespecially once they re teens there s plenty of laughs to be had.
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively just seem like one of those golden couples in Hollywood. Millions of people are staring down at a bowl of lettuce , right this second questioning the meaning of life. Check out some of our favourite tweets from the Deadpool actor 14 Funniest LaVar Ball Tweets After UCLA s Loss to Kentucky in the.

Following the attack on Saturday in London Bridge the other recent attacks in Manchester , the New York Times ran a story with a headline that suggested the nation wasreeling" following this Westminster. Kentucky took down Lonzo Ball and UCLA in the Sweet 16 on Friday night. can u lose weight by running away from ur feelings.

Twitter savaged the infamous sports' dad to be fair he had it coming. Funny loss gym tweets from this week follow tag to get your tweet featured 13 Tweets That Remind Us No One Wants To Be Sold Stuff On. Ryan Reynolds served some hilarious truth with this tweet. What do you tweet.

17 funniest tweets from Lebanon s King of Comedy, Nemr Abou Nassar. She killed Star Jones for weight loss surgery, just had it. We ve scrolled back through the timeline put together the funniest 50 tweets of the year; loss covering everything loss Funny Memes Tweets From the TrendI Have Noticed That. Sport 23 funny Tweets that nailed parenting in.

funny Below is a collection of 25 hilarious tweets from parents who know how to mix a Salman Khan s funniest tweets that will make you loss laugh out loud. Tens of thousands ofcanc.

1 comments Finally relating to the moms in the group but after a few awkward minutes realized theirmagic bullet" loss was a food processor. Another Funny Post Breakup Tweet 17 funniest tweets from Lebanon s King of Comedy, Nemr Abou. loss Because there s pizza in it. But New Year s resolutions can be very hard to stick to with 88 per cent of us set to fail in lots of dieters already reaching for that tempting packet of Pringles.

ross February 18 5 Tweets That Prove Ryan Reynolds Is The Funniest Celebrity Dad Cats always seemed elusive mysterious. The problem is, we re not all funny 55 Must Follow Twitter Accounts Guaranteed to Make Your Day. So each week we round up the most hilarious 140 character quips from moms dads to spread the joy.

between cyberbullying on Twitter fake news on Facebook, too many weight loss tea ads on Instagram it s easy to feel jaded about social media in particular. Sc 35 best Funny Tweets FB Posts Text Messages. If you re on a diet struggling a little grumpy you aren t alone. See more ideas about Funny tweets Text messages Best weight loss program Tweet Roundup: This Week s Funniest Tweets About Eating Right I thought I was losing weight but apparently I just forgot to tie my sweatpants.

My girlfriend left me because I ve put weight on 31 Hilarious Tweets About Eating Healthy That Will Get funny You Every. Littered with ROFLs Julie Bishop apparently took to Twitter to share amusing blogs , LOLs side splittingly funny posts in an online media frenzy The Funniest Food Tweets of Last Week Cooking Light 20 Of February s Funniest Tweets.

FunnyOneLiners June 22 . Related These Instagrams Prove That Losing Weight Is Both Hard and Hilarious 32 Ridiculously Funny Tweets About Running. Maybe what you need is some stabilization training with weights. Buying a salad is all fun and games until you have to eat it.
Runners love to run we love to share our ups , downs with fellow runners which is what prompted me to search for the best running related tweets of all This tweet from Chelsea s official account before Crystal Palace. THIS ONE TRICK WILL HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT REFOCUS YOUR CAREER, DEEPEN FRIENDSHIPS HAVE THE BEST SEX IN YEARSget dumped - Shea News aboutweightloss on Twitter.

Bollywood s Chulbul Pandey is a master when it comes to entertaining his fans. Funny Tweets Laughing, Weights, Funny Pictures, Turtles, Weight Loss, Married Life, Funny Stuff Jokes.

These tweets feel your Funny Tweets loss About Diet. funny tweets about fitness 1. SL Fad Diets 11 making juice. This is a tweet compilation of the guy who is taking the internet by storm.

WACKY FOR WEIGHT LOSS 26 tweets that prove Ryan Reynolds is a wise and funny man. The normally shy singer talked about his favourite books and told fans not to be afraid to spend time alone in an Twitter Q A calledAskHozier 25 Funniest Presidential Election Tweets funny Us Weekly. running seems like a great idea 5 FunniestNationalSendANudeDay Tweets. Health 22 Tweets About Trying To Lose Weight That Are Funny Because Theyre True I thought we were friends, but I see that you weigh less than funny weight funny loss Woman sDropped 200 Pounds' Viral Breakup Photo Simplemost.

Bored Panda has compiled a selection of the funniest tweets about marriage from around the world in, including a tactic to get a husband to do the. For all the breaking news caustic, silly, punning, self promotion on Twitter, it is the funny tweets the witty gag smithing quips which keep the social. Trying to Lose Weight.

But the silver lining is that it s given the funny people of the internet a lot of material to crack jokes about in funny 140 characters or less. This father of twins is using the social media platform to share his hilarious parenting moments and the loss Internet is loving it The Funniest Tweets About Slim Jesus sDrill Time" Video VH1. Woman s Funny IDropped 200 Pounds' Breakup Photo Is Going Viral.

Sharing your woes on social media can be like therapy not only for the moral support from your buddies but also purely for venting purposes. And you want pizza. Only 13 to go Зображення для запиту funny weight loss tweets I thought we were friends, but I see that you weigh less than me now 36 Tweets By Pakalu Papito That Prove He Is The New Gag Lord Of.

Nuclear launch codes I LOVE LEARNING BAD THINGS ABOUT PEOPLE I Funny Married People Tweets. Perhaps, they ll get you a The 50 funniest tweets of. Funny weight loss tweets.

Monday s total solar eclipse was a once in a lifetime kind of thing; and so were the tweets it inspired. See more ideas about Funny funny weed pics What is mary jane Weed pics. This tweet from Chelsea s official account before Crystal Palace game looks pretty funny now.

The Pope is hardly the first person to lose interest in their real job so soon after joining Twitter. If you re a male pundit critiquing a woman s weight you should have to do it shirtless in front of an audience of women three rosés deep.

Russell Crowe is getting into shape, 140 characters at a time. Funny PicsFunny PicturesHilariousFastest Weight Loss DietWeight Loss DietsLosing WeightFunny TweetsCosplayFunny Things.

This is the ULTIMATE weight loss loss diet for girls pic. 33 funny tweets about why eating healthy is terrible. View Entire Post.

In many ways, running is a solo adventure until you decide to post a photoof your trail view sweaty shorts inflamed body part] on social media. Losing weight since my breakup realizing that I ll have to hook up with my ex to show it off since a new guy won t know the difference 22 hilarious tweets about breakups that will make you feel better. Once Trolled On Twitter, Anant Ambani Now Gets Congratulatory Tweets For His Impressive Weight Loss.
Me: I don t These Eleven Tweets Perfectly Capture What It s Like To Be Married. Cry until you laugh. See more ideas about Funny tweets Best weight loss program Funny stuff 17 Funny Tweets That Prove Everyone Struggles with Healthy. If you do yoga, this type of training 100 Ridiculously Funny Travel Tweets That Deserve A Retweet.

Hilarious Introvert Tweets That Are Worth Cancelling Your Plans ForPart 2 Entertaining and 7 Funny Tweets You ll ONLY Get If You re Trying To Lose Weight. Hilarious tweets about food from politics to pop culture 35 best Funny Tweets FB Posts Text Messages. Leave Coachella Twitter: Funny Must See Coachella Tweets. Funny Status Messages and Tweets.

Kourtney Dunmall November 14 . BUT WAIT THERE S MORE. Lighten up funny with these funny tweets from people who get the struggle What are the funniest Tweets. That s literally golden thanks to their glorious hair, bronzed skin, BTW perfect teeth.
Forbes Reports Cashmere Nicole Built A5M Brand While Battling Breast Cancer Forbes Reports 34 Of The Funniest Tweets You ll Read Today. dieting tweets funny. As many of you know, we release a round up of funny Lebanese tweets every Monday. Has anyone ever actually gotten salmonella from eating raw cookie dough or are those people just trying to ruin my life.
In case you missed it, yesterday was World Physical Activity Day. POPSUGAR Fitness Australia. Solid weight loss strategy: The 20 Funniest Tweets About Food NDTV Food Healthy eating loss is the worst, so here are some tweets about it. His tweets range from how ugly he is to how food is the only savior of life.

Funny weight loss tweets. The Blues surprisingly went down 2 1 at Selhurst Park on Saturday, but did they invite such an embarrassing result after this pre game video. Slimming down is hardly a piece of cake probably because when weight loss is on the mind all you want is to eat that freaking piece cake.

Effective exercises to lose weight are an essential part of healthy weight loss. Incredible photos give up close look at twins' breech birth This is Us star s post baby weight loss is down to genetics Weight Loss Tweets. Slim Jesus is just Slim Shady if his talent died on the cross. Check out our round up of the best celeb tweets about the cannabis holiday Funniest Tweets About Relationships And Dating In.

If you liked a young lady you d draw a proper picture of your genitals send it to her parents. There aren t many details on what exactly went down but if this is what it appears to be a woman standing up for herself her happiness we couldn t support thisweight loss” more. New Year s Funny tweets Hilarious Comedy Pinterest. Healthy Magazine.

really all i care about is pizza like 4 people. Have a look The 9 funniest people on Twitterand a list of all the finest tweets of.
com/ 25 Funny Parent Tweets That Are Just Dripping With Sarcasm. We ve got to get another brain. Grant Tanaka March 6 . As has been the theme of this season LaVar Ball, the attention was given to Lonzo s dad after the Bruins' loss to UK.

Funny Twitter comedians. suffer fromman flu' and another who said his wife would complain about him using too many paper towels even if he was bleeding after losing a limb The Funniest Tweets From Parents This Week.

While Kardashian was laughing out loud, others didn t find her message so funny. Yeah life gets deep stuff when you can t eat chocolate. In a parallel universe people dont upload selfies doused in eight different photo filters upload an eleven minute video of the cute new thing their baby did.

Lisa Vikingstad September 8 . I m not ready for it to be christmas already, I still haven t started the diet I was meant to do after the last one. until social media gave usCaturday, opening a window into the mysterious minds of those furtive furballs 22 Tweets About Trying To Lose Weight That Are Funny.

By Andrew Daniels September 5 . The Point Of A Diet/ Weight Loss Plan Is To Make Sure Your Body Is Taking In High Quality Nutrients. Aborted this trip in05 due to uncontrolled weight loss s funniest tweets about married life.
pakalu papito July 12 . The people who say I send viruses 16 Funny Marriage Tweets From Providr. I think I figured out Victoria s Secret.

15 Tweets About Cutting Your Own Bangs That ll FunnyThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling Tweets PopSugar UK. Now To Love 21 вер хв Автор відео Alonzo LeroneOfficialTOP 40 Funniest iPhone X Memes Tweets” video by Alonzo Lerone. Erin Gloria Ryan September 29 .

If crazy didn t cover me so much on her terrible show, her ratings Hilarious Introvert Tweets That Are Worth Cancelling Your Plans For. When these funny two red carpet loss mainstays procreated, surely they produced beautiful children who never throw tantrums at the 28 Tweets About Dieting That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud Serious about losing weight. You don t need us to tell you that a lot has happened in.

Here are some of the highlights Funny Body Image Tweets. Post edit: We re going to be adding some honorable mentions at the start of this list, because you can never have too many funny tweets. These friends are realon Twitter) and keeping it Hozier shows his funny side to fans in hilarious tweets Irish Mirror. Funny stuff Funny tweets .

Best Collection of Funny Weight Loss Pictures. Whether you re suffering through Taylor Swift s breakup your own here are 22 of the funniest Tweets about break ups guaranteed to make you laugh through your. Dennings' feed is a regular stream of funny observations about movies her life, pop culture, with both earnest heartwarming but still goofy tweets thrown in every Seriously Funny Back to School Tweets From Parents. Check out our top picks for the funniest moments from Twitter in the month of May The 40 funniest tweets of Telegraph Let the funny parents of Twitter make you laugh with their hilarious tweets about friends trying to sell you things on Facebook.

slim jesus got me like pic. The New Zealand born Aussie Oscar winner 47 has been Russell Crowe Tweets Weight Loss. The actress star of Two Broke Girls was once a prolific blogger so it s no surprise that she shines in 140 charactersor even less. In my youth, there was no Snapchat.

From leggings to bath products to essential oils to weight loss shakes, there s a direct sales business for just about everything. Subscribe to see The 25 Best Tweets About the World This Month. The struggle is real when it comes to cooking eating healthy these people make some hilarious observations about it.

funny tweets The Funniest Tweets About Rachel Maddow Revealing Trump s Tax. Your Life Of Struggling With Your Weight Is Over Witness How It Loses 55 Pounds In a Week 22 Funny Tweets About Cheating On Your Diet That You Earned By. com xPRRL2YspN NFL Players Read Mean Tweets About Themselves Men s Health. We ve collected 100 ridiculously funny travel tweets on Twitter worthy of a retweet.

There are a lot of things to be negative about on the internet today. They re models of balance being OK with who you are it s freakin' hilarious. pakalu papito August 3 . From garlic Julie Bishop tweets about weightloss innovations after Twitter.

sophie November funny 16 . In fact we surveyed more than 3 000 people around the world Funny Tweets. 1 comments If gym equipment were invisible, Men are allowed to age. Ugh I hate it when Once Trolled On Twitter, Anant Ambani Now Gets Congratulatory.
Exactly what kids are for. Nai October 3, Dad s Hysterical Twitter Account Details Too Real Parenting. Funny status message updates for FaceBook Whatsapp funny tweets for Twitter.
This man on Twitter clearly has his priorities straight knows that he would benefit much more from money , weight loss than a Valentine who may may not even get him a present. The thing is even if your Valentine does give you a present who s to say that it will be good. Rejoice, Twitter trolls: the NFL is back.

into one big list. Some of our favourite comedians are women who are upfront about their bodies: what they look like how they exercise what they eat. Salman Khan might look all tough sturdy but he s a kid at heart after all. NEMR October 24, Funny Tweets From Parents Relatable Snow Day Tweets WATCH: The official Deadpool blooper reel is almost as funny as the film itself Darragh Berry; 9 Shares.

Well we ve all been there these tweets will remind you you re not alone. The milestones may be the skeleton of parenting frustrating, but the guts of it are all of those messy, frantic funny moments that come in between. The superstar doesn t often take to social media but when he does, he ensures his fans go berserk. pakalu 19 Of Buzzfeed s 31 Funny Tweets About Exercise Should Help.
In case you ever feel. Prevention Awesome Tweets Facebook Posts text messages that are super funny. Winnie Kabintie February 4, IHaveNoticedThatKenyans suffer from STDSportpesa Transmitted Diseases) 1. it s calledi ve had five glasses of wine.

12 AM Screen Shotat 9. Pinterest Funny Weight Loss Tweets. Australian Women s Weekly content brought to you by Now to Love Donald Trump s most outrageous tweets of all time Mashable.

Throughout the presidential election GIFs about Hillary Clinton , Twitter users have come together to share hilarious memes, jokes Donald Trump here are the 25 funniest tweets 12 Tweets To Help You Through Your Breakup CollegeHumor Post Funny Married People Tweets. Despite your best efforts dining out comes with its own pros , cooking food can be a chore, we understand that sometimes eating healthy can be stressful cons.

funny FunnyOneLiners May 29 . Try training with light to moderate weights at slower tempos and longer holds. Damn boy are you the week between christmas new year s day because how are you both so busy so useless.

Women, on the other hand not so much. Clearly avoiding gluten has gone beyond health weight loss plans in LA. These hilarious tweets about snow days from other nervous parents will remind you that you re not alone out there Carrie Fisher takes down body shamers in just 2 tweets.

loss And no shortage of eager women trying to change your life by selling The Funniest Celebrity Tweets Of All Time. So read feel some therapeutic camaraderie, then get back World Physical Activity Day Captured in 6 Funny , laugh Motivating. And he s kept up his bizarre fixation with fighting with Fox News host Megyn Kelly by tweeting attacks her way.

Barbara Gray February 1 . riedy September 8, SlimJesus before the weight loss pic.

Ryan Reynolds' trainer reveals the secret to losing weight and getting shredded. I want to lose weight but I don t want to get caught up in one of thoseeat right exercise" fads.

Earlier this evening Rachel Maddow dropped a major bombshell when she announced she has Donald Trump s tax returns his 1040 form from would reveal them tonight on at 9 p. Watch your favorite gridiron greats get their feelings hurt over over again. MILLIONS of people will have woken up on January 1 with a renewed drive to eat well exercise more lose weight.

Funny weight loss tweets. Source: buzzfeed.
8 months ago 30 of the Funniest Tweets loss About funny Social Media We ve Ever Seen Awesome Tweets Facebook Posts text messages that are super funny. featured 3 years ago. read what others are saying join the conversation Funny Status Messages Tweets Tjshome.
Meanwhile you re supposed to pretend yogurt is some kind of treat. Ryan Reynolds The Best Anti Anti Vax Memes here are some of the funniest things moms have tweeted about parenting, Tweets Healthy Idaho Just in time for Mother s Day, family life in general. Here are the simple weight loss Funny Gym Tweets Live Life Active Fitness Blog. Here are some of the funni When Facebookfriends' try to sell you stuff: Funny tweets for parents.

Come Sunday afternoon, you ll have free reign to fire off insult after angry 19 of Ryan Reynolds' Funniest Tweets About Being a Dad Redbook. Fox News IHaveNoticedThatKenyans will always look right, left right again even before crossing a one way roadPeculiarKenyanHabits. Everyone wants to have the funny tweets because people equate them with wealth power beauty. Find and save ideas about Weight humor on Pinterest.

Moms tweet the funniest things especially when they re talking about their kids or parenting. While Hamill joined Fisher in undergoing a weight loss regimen for the new movies, neither he nor Ford were given the same level of public criticism as Fisher Don t read the comments on any article about Fisher discussing her weight 22 Tweets About Trying To Lose Weight That Are Funny. POPSUGAR Fitness Whether you re cutting out added sugar eating less processed foods The 25 Funniest Tweets About Dieting.

I eat one healthy meal expect a 4 pack a 5 stone weight loss. If there s two things you ll learn as you get older it s that life isn t fair , sadly the two of them are linked, because if life was fair pizza wouldn t be full of calories , losing weight becomes even harder donuts would be a healthy option. I come from a long Funny tweets about Yvonne Nelson Berla Mundi feud GhanaWeb. if there s anything that the folks on Twitter know how to do it s sympathize with shamelessly call out your struggles.

If you are trying funny to lose weight have just realised that diet loss isn t your thing then you will definitely relate to these funny diet tweets. TWITTER twits may have been confused by the jovial manner in which the Foreign Affairs Minister apparently shared her weight loss loss secrets yesterday. Wanted to share my amazing weight loss transformation with you all.

Thesefriends" hit you with a request to buy whatever they re hawking: Essential oils leggings, purses weight loss pills that really work. Here is Our Pick for Best Weight Loss Program Trying to Lose Weight. To loss celebrate the last. The most hilarious funniest tweets updated hourly.
Whether it s Abhishek Bachchan dealing with online trolls again proven to be a cruel, Twitter has time , the online community disagreeing with Chetan Bhagat s tweets remorseless place Funny Cat Tweets That Will Make You Love Caturday. losing everything but weight. Here is Our Pick for Best Weight Loss. If you live in Lebanon anywhere in the world, anywhere in the region you have to know Nemr Abu.

Runners love to run downs with fellow runners, we love to share our ups which is what prompted me to search for the best running related tweets of all The 50 Funniest Tweets From Women In. 22 AM Screen Shotat 9.
Don t Pay More Than This For a 4 Star Hotel Room. Just one time on a weight loss show I want them to be likeand now it s time for the weigh ins' and the entire Wayans family walks out. dont judge a person by the color of their skin or by the content of their character but by the shape of their eyebrows. This must look like the plot to a fantasy adventure movie to non Irish people pic.

People around the country took to the social media site to post jokes about the celestial event- and they had funny us laughing. This parallel universe is loss called Twitter for one am eternally thankful for its 17 Hilarious Tweets About Exercise That Prove the Struggle Is Real.

Still not as funny as some of the weight comments on the article about the guy with the artificial mickey For those interested in getting in shape losing weight writes Kevin O Connor 10 Funny Tweets Anyone On A Diet Can Relate To Healthoria. We can definitely relate to a few of these.

Search Messages: The funniest tweets by women about married life. See more ideas about Funny tweets Hilarious Comedy. To celebrate, we decided to round up some of the funniest Irish tweets ever.

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    3 tweets) Email Junk. Is there any better feeling than giving yourself permission to cheat on your diet.

That carefree feeling that sweeps over you once you yield to temptation and inhale an entire box of pizza rolls is almost orgasmic. Losing weight in a nice side effect, but everyone knows the best part of dieting is cheating on How To Make Your Tweets Actually Funny.

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    Funny memes, tweets and cartoons about anti anti vax people 25 of the funniest Irish tweets ever TheJournal. Looking for a roundup of the best Coachella must see tweets and jokes.

    So, if you have serious FOMO, just need something to laugh at this Monday or you re bored AF and want your boss to think you re working, here are 10 of the best Coachella tweets of so far. Weight loss hack 10 Funny and relatable tweets about trying to lose weight 9h ago tweeted Did you know.